• picture of bitcoin

    The Fight Over the Fate of Cryptocurrencies: The SEC’s Struggle to Regulate Bitcoins, Initial Coin Offerings and More

    The Fight On a brisk fall night in Philadelphia in September 1952, Jersey Joe Walcott stepped into the ring to…

    by Brett A. Cenkus
  • Donald Trump Won’t Kill America, Bitcoin Will Kill America

    Misplaced Money I bought a couple bitcoins in 2013. Now, I can’t find them. I bought them through a Bitcoin…

  • My Wife May Leave Me Tomorrow

    My friend, Ron, wasn’t a great husband during his first marriage. He wasn’t unfaithful and he was a good father,…

    by Brett A. Cenkus
  • partners and founders

    Profitable Partnerships and Cofounder Relationships

    Famous Business Partnerships What comes to mind when you think of a business partnership? Most people will think of a…

    by Brett A. Cenkus
  • personal power of choice

    Embracing the Power of Personal Choice

      The Kennedy “Curse” The Kennedys are American royalty. They have a long history of power and influence and have…

    by Brett A. Cenkus
  • Startup Fundraising (Venture Capital By the Numbers) Infographic

      Venture capital hit a 15 year high in 2015. $58.8 billion poured into ventures. Private companies like Uber and…

    by Brett A. Cenkus
  • business relationships

    The Real Reasons You Should Create Business Contracts

    Transactional Relational Attorneys Attorneys who do the type of work I do – forming companies, helping them raise capital, mergers…

    by Brett A. Cenkus
  • INFOGRAPHIC: Corporation vs. LLC? What Entity to Form and Where.

    “Should I form a corporation or an LLC?” That is the question I hear the most, although it comes in…

    by Brett A. Cenkus
  • managing Millennials

    Millennials Will Work, Just Not For the Lousy Job You’re Peddling

    I often hear big firm law partners complain about the work ethic, or lack thereof, of Millennials. They’ve got no…

    by Brett A. Cenkus
  • balance business high wire tight rope

    Startup Advice from the Zen Masters

    “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time…

    by Brett A. Cenkus