• art as life's passion

    Finding Your Life’s Passion Today

    Welcome to the Funky Artsy Underbelly of Houston I spent 2001-2012 in Houston. It’s not a pretty city, the whole…

    by Brett A. Cenkus
  • launch your startup lean

    The Only Thing You Need to Worry About When You Launch a Startup Business

    What is the single most important thing for you to do when you launch a startup? Incorporate? Create a great…

    by Brett A. Cenkus
  • Public Benefit Corporations: A Type of Social Enterprise

    Public benefit corporations offer a beacon of hope to the often misguided corporate world. These fairly new types of state…

    by Brett A. Cenkus
  • freelance, independent contractor, employee

    Workers of the World, Disunite! (The Independent Contractor vs. Employee Debate)

    “You know what they want? They want obedient workers. Obedient workers, people who are just smart enough to run the…

    by Brett A. Cenkus
  • Why Securing Venture Capital is So Tough for Startups (Infographic)

    If your startup is looking for money to launch and grow, consider options other than venture capital. The path to securing…

    by Brett A. Cenkus
  • But Why Doesn’t My Company Have a Rock Wall?

    Originally Titled: Why Isn’t My Company’s Culture Like Zappos or Google? To a lot of people, it seems so darn…

  • “I am sooooo much smarter than everyone else. I am going to make a heap of money.”

    Every now and again, I remember to stop being ignorant. As I get older, I remember this more often, which…

  • Taming the Bureaucratic Tiger

    I worked for a startup division of a large financial company years ago. Division management was process crazy. We had…

  • Employment at Will: Cutthroat Capitalism or Global Competitive Edge?

    The Employment at Will Standard In most developed countries, employers are required by law to give employees some notice or…