Brett Cenkus In My Own Words

I have been out of law school for almost two decades. Just over half that time, I have been a lawyer (what the state bars call “primarily engaged in the practice of law”). The other slightly less than half the time, I (a) started, grew and sold a residential mortgage brokerage; (b) started, grew and shuttered a chemical company; and (c) worked as a corporate development executive and venture capitalist in Silicon Valley during Dotcom 1.0. So, I’ve done a few different things. I often describe myself as a businessman trapped in a lawyer’s body.

What Does This Mean For You When Choosing a Business Lawyer?

It means I think a little differently than most corporate attorneys. I’ve been in your shoes – purchasing legal services. I know it can be frustrating to always be wondering what is being done and how long it takes. Hence, why I try to work on a flat basis as often as I can. And, I’ll talk to you a lot about what we are doing and why and I’ll look to you to participate in that conversation. I won’t tell you what to do, I’ll tell you the pros and cons and help you make decisions. I look for clients that share my philosophy of business and the world, that it’s complex and messy and we should do everything we can to make it more clear and simple, which means focusing on the issues that really matter while ignoring the noise and the risks that are more theoretical than practical. The world of law and business is often gray. I’ll do my best to give you a clear light on the path, but I need you to show up and be involved – to give me information and feedback. In the words of Jerry Maguire, “help me, help you.”

The domain name for this site is I have clients all over, though, especially throughout Texas, although I have some technology clients scattered throughout the country (tech companies tend to be more comfortable operating virtually and generally look for the business attorney who fits them best regardless of location). I am licensed in Texas and Delaware, the hub of corporate law in the U.S. If you’re working on contracts, raising capital, M&A and other things we call “transactional law,” it’s likely I can help you wherever you are. If what I say on this site resonates with you and you have a need to talk to a business attorney, give me a call. I will shoot straight with you, letting you know if I can help you or not and, if not, hopefully point you in the right direction to solve your legal challenges and navigate the world of law and business.

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